Aphrodite spa invites you to go at the heart of the ancient world cultures of beauty. We have chosen the best ointments from age-old traditions. Our cosmetic products are not only innovative, effective and energising, they are also a pleasure to the senses.
Let yourself be tempted by the exotic fragrances of Polynesia.
Let yourself be enchanted by the Oriental honey and spices fragrances.
Succumb to the sophistication of the Japanese traditions.
Appreciate the African chocolate-flavoured fragrances… 

Polysensoriels Spa cosmetic products
We have chosen the best products from age-old traditions in order to give you a real feeling of well-being. Thanks to our products, your face and your body are really relaxed.
Discover our range of fragrances : poppy-seed, rice, sesame, coconut, spices, cocoa, honey, sugar, papaya, pineapple, ginger, soybean, green tea, saké, mango. 

Relaxation, pleasure of the senses, escape, communion with nature, are the watchwords of our well-being rituals.
Aphrodite Spa uses the « Spa du Monde Equatoria » rituals.

Quality Charter
Natural and organic ingredients.
All our products are made in France.
They contain
0 % Paraben,
0 % Mineral Oils,
0 % Paraffin.

Aphrodite Spa
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